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Felt Bag-in-Bag (Sky)
Felt Bag-in-Bag (Sky)
Felt Bag-in-Bag (Sky)

Felt Bag-in-Bag (Sky)


too stylish to be hidden inside a bag

anti-fuzz processed felt

sleek slit handles

two snap button closures for a slender look

10 storage pockets = 1 large center pocket, 5 inner pockets compartment, 4 outer pockets

100% polyester felt, processed to create less fuzz

13.5 x 7.5 x 3" / 340 x 190 x 80mm

Surprisingly one of invite.L's year long bestseller, the Felt Bag-in-Bag brings forth both function and style to organising your daily life.  The versatility of this bag is amazing; it can be used in bags (obviously), on desks for organising office supplies, in diaper bags to lessen every day chaos, in school bags to be prepared for anything, in a car to finally be able to find something, as a first-aid kit for all those cute band-aids... See? Amazing.